Récupérateurs Calorifiques

Récupérateur Calorifique / pour Compresseur d'Air Comprimé

-> The external DUOTHERM heat recovery system saves you real money because it can recover up to 72 percent of the input energy used in compression in the form of heat. This can be utilised to supplement your heating or for pre-heating water for use in an industrial process.

The DUOTHERM system is engineered for retrofitting existing screw compressors with a heat recovery system. A generously dimensioned high quality heat exchanger can be connected with a few simple steps to either the oil system of the compressor or the customer’s water system to provide hot water for heating purposes or pre-heating industrial water at no charge. The oil-water heat exchanger alone is capable of recovering up to 75 percent of the energy – thus cutting costs and protecting the environment.

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