Filtres haute pression

Filtres réseaux Haute Pression

Mikropor offers an extensive line of compressed air purification products with a range of efficiencies and features.
Filters are available in 3 pressure ranges:
up to 16 bar (G & GF range) - ¼” to 3”
up to 40 bar (HG range) - ¼” to 1”
up to 350 bar (HGH range) - ¼” to 1”
Pre-filters and after-filters can be custom-configured to meet specific applications.
Mikropor Compressed Air Filters comply with PED and perform as per related ISO 8573 standards.
Filters may be equipped with Differential Pressure Gauges, Pop-up Indicators Manual, Automatic and External Heavy Duty Drains
Mikropor Moisture Separators are always recommended.

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