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Compresseurs à Vis NON lubrifiées / Discover our new absolutely oil-free class of compressors

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Référence : S 40 / S 50 / SLF 40
An oil-free class of its own: The BOGE BLUEKAT screw compressor series is engineered to produce Class 0 oil-free air and has an added benefit because it eliminates the need for traditional condensate disposal. The operating principle of the integrated converter is, irrespective of the quality of the intake air, absolute safe and unbeatably cost-effective compared to traditional oil-free generation. It is ideally suited for sensitive industrial applications which require clean and efitcient production of oil-free air.

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Caractéristiques et Références de la série BKAT
Débit réel : 3,71 - 6,16 m3/min
Plage de pressions : 8 / 10 / 13 bars
Puissance du Moteur : 30 - 37 kW
Absolutely Oil-Free
The S 40-2 BKAT is equipped with an integrated converter that oxidises residual oil aerosols contained in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water. This ensues that the delivered compressed air meets the quality requirements of ISO Class 0 (0,01 mg/Nm³). During the whole operating process oil-free condensate is produced.
Absolutely Safe
The converter principle stands for absolutely safe oil-free compressed air. By using only tested and certified components oil-free Class 0 compressed air is ensured. Users from the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor or food industries are definitely on the safe side.
Absolutely Demand Oriented
The BKAT series also includes frequency controlled options. These machines fiexibly adapt the speed of both the motor and airend to meet the actual air demand – for maximum efficiency and absolutely demand oriented operation.

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